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JEE-Delhi, CBSE XII Topper reveals how he achieved success

by Pritika Ghura

Barely the news that he has secured the top rank in CBSE Class XII exams by scoring an aggregate of 98.6% percent has sunk in that Dravyansh Sharma (17) of DPS Ghaziabad got another reason to rejoice. The genius got to know that he has topped the IIT Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) in the Delhi zone. He has secured an All India Rank of 7. If this was not enough, he had also topped class X exams two years back. It seems that topping exams seems to be Dravyansh's second nature. In a tete-a-tete with Pritika Ghura from Learnhub, he talks about..

Q1) Congratulations on your double feat! So how do you feel?

Ans) I am elated! I could n't believe that I have topped the Delhi region. I was confident that I will score a rank in top 20 in JEE but when I got to know that I have stood 7th in the country, I could not believe my luck. My parents also couldn't believe it. All my relatives and friends are more than happy. When the JEE results were declared, I was busy preparing for the final lap to represent India at an international Maths Olympiad in Mumbai. Hence, my father informed me about the same.

Q2) What is your success mantra?

Ans) The main factor that can lead to success in any exam is consistency. You have to be regular in your studies and chalk a timetable where you can allot time for each subject. Time management is of essence for students of class XII as you have to study for both engineering as well as CBSE class XII exams. You have to be determined and focussed about your academics. If need be you must join coaching classes to excel. I too tool coaching from Vidyamandir Classes. One should also prepare according to one's strengths and weaknesses. Hence, it's important for you to access your strengths. For me I was strong in Chemistry but weak in Maths, hence I prepared accordingly. When I was preparing for JEE, the idea was to retain all that I study. Hence, I did everything to stay focused and revised regularly even though I didn't have any fixed number of hours to study.

Q3) What tips would you give to students who have to take class XII exams next year?

Ans) You must pay attention to your basic concepts. Once your fundamentals are strong, you will be able to solve any problem. You should also put in lot of time in practicing and revising what you have learnt.

Q4) Do you think it is difficult for science students to score well in CBSE XII Board exams as they're also preparing for engineering entrances?

Ans) Planning is important to be able to score well in both entrances and CBSE exams. One must devise a timetable in such a way that you can divide time between both entrances and school studies. However, if you have mastered your concepts then you will not face any problem as the concepts in both CBSE as well as JEE exams are similar. I would recommend everyone to have a sound understanding about basic concepts and then go to solving problem.

Q5) What're your future plans?

Ans) I want to either study electronics or computer science from IIT Delhi. IIT Delhi is my dream institute. However, he wants to serve the society and hence is a civil service aspirant. I think civil service is one of the most satisfying career options and also one of the best ways to serve your country.

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    RohitnagarMon, 18 Jul 2011 14:59:11 -0000

    I am taking iit coaching
    tell me about study

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