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IIT JEE 2011: Tips to crack Mathematics section

by Pritika Ghura

One of the most dreaded subjects for IIT JEE 2011 is Mathematics. Scoring well in this subject gives nightmares to students. While this is a tough section of the JEE 2011 paper, it is also the most scoring.

If we see the exam pattern of pervious years, we will see that lot of there is a lot of focus on Calculus, Algebra and Co ordinate Geometry. Hence, IIT aspirants should make sure that they are strong in these subject areas and give some time for strong foundation in these subjects.

Experts say that Calculus and its applications are important for JEE 2011. In application type of questions in Calculus, candidates need to be careful of the boundaries of application, their inclusions or exclusion. The most difficult part of these questions is Single Digit Integer Type questions without options. You need to answer them like Board type questions with steps in your space for doing the rough work.

Giving expert tips to Indian Express, Shyam Mohan Gupta, co-founder, Vidhya Mandir Classes, says that the combination of Geometry, Trigonometry and Probability problems may be given go through all the basic formulas in all the topics, Geometrical Applications of additions, subtractions, multiplications, division of Complex Numbers must be known thoroughly. The applications of Geometry and differential equations must be known in all aspects and the results of Algebraic Calculations of properties of onics must be known.

Also be prepared for multiple choice for in the Matrix-Match type questions. You need to read the instructions clearly for every set of questions. The best way to prepare for Mathematics section is taking lot of mock tests and knowing what are your strengths and weaknesses. Once you're aware of your weak areas, devote time to work on those.

People who have taken JEE previously suggest that more attention should be paid on Vectors and 3-D than probability or Indefinite integration as vectors and 3-d offers very less scope to examiner, as far as variety in problem , maximum 7-8 types of questions may be framed from JEE syllabus . One more chapter is Complex Number, every year 2-3 solo problems (purely complex no.) are asked. Hence by mastering complex numbers, vectors, 3-d and Definite integral only you can cross cut off in Maths.

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